Songs You Need In Life.

Music is a huge part of me. And I believe that without music life would be a mistake.

Here are some amazing creations that I found this summer. Some of them are old, some are new. But all that really matters is how enjoyable the music is.

Here goes:

  1.   Deeper than the ocean- Drugs by EDEN.

2.   The definition of  ‘when the beat drops’- Crossfire by Stephen.

3.   With the sickest beats and vocals- On My Own by TroyBoi ft. Nefera.

4.    “Rolling, rolling, rolling we went on a wave”- Vibrations by Maejor.

5.    I swear I have heard the intro of this song somewhere- Shy girl by Kedam.

6.    “I got I got I got I got” One of my most favorite- DNA by Kendrick Lamar.

7.     Been hooked on this one for quite some time now- Do Re Mi by Blackbear.

8.     These songs tho- Into it, Right here and Church by Chase Atlantic.

9.     “Less cold without you, Imma be fine without you”- I’m good by 11:11.

10.    A whole another vibe with- Intention by Kiiara.

I am in love with all of these. Hope you enjoy them. 🙂




Signs of a well-bred Indian woman.


This is just a short list. It could go on without an end, you know, because the world keeps changing and you never know what new rules are going to be implemented in the future. With that note, I would like to say that no women has ever been labeled as the ultimate well-bred. Like even if you think she is, she could get suspected upon and stuffs. God knows. But if you want to try, this list could help you to an extend.

Does not talk or laugh out loud.

Prefers saree or churidar over any other kind of dress.

Cooks like a chef in a gourmet kitchen but sticks to traditional dishes.

Does not sing or dance in front of anyone, except family.

Explicit words, never heard any.

Educated with a high degree.

Prefers being a housewife.

Very friendly.

Straight as an arrow.

Prefers only the person who will be arranged by parents.

Does not go out after 6 pm.

Gives her husband full freedom to take advantage of her body.

Considers herself incapable of making decisions.

Considers herself incapable of being independent.

Polite. Not judgmental.

Long hair. Pearl white teeth. Clean feet.

In Her Eyes.

Yes I have seen it. She sang a beautiful lullaby for me that night. She wanted me to doze off but I couldn’t.

Her voice, so clear against the wind, made me feel inert. I was quickly snapped back to reality, her presence was no more felt.

I got up went in search of her. Then the site.

I did not understand why she wept. In the darkness of the night, gazing into the sky. As if she was searching for a better place for us to stay, up there.

I remember, she once told me ‘Some people want us to feel everything. Others don’t want us to feel any.’

Now I know why she wept each night.

The struggle she put in to keep me alive. For the good cause.

Now, her eyes failing her. Her skin so fragile that it could break at the touch of anything but the softest. Her long grey locks moved by the touch of wind.

And predominantly, her stubborn heart within her unguarded chest.

Now she is devoid of tears.


Happy Mothers Days to all the lovely mothers out there. 🙂




The coffee

Was warm in my hand as

I gaze at the dancing flames

Embellishing the hearth.

Luminous flames,

The purifier,

The destroyer.

Making my guilty conscience confess

Its sins.

Let me have a taste of

Its judgement.